Ocean Tears

O pain, I never knew you have an edge, so sharp that it cut my soul and makes it bleed.

My soul and mind can’t find a song to sing, it is filled with thoughts of how others sin, The very sin that cause my now suffering.

Even my mouth with held to give You praise. I tried to open it but all I heard is murmurings, saying; ´Í am the victim here!´´

I wanted to exhale You the way I used to, but now I say; “my strength has gone to even lift my hands for You.´´

I thought I was going blind, suddenly I coudn´t see. Then I wiped my tears and I clearly see. I am lost in the middle of the sea.

An ocean of tears.

But then again, you came and rescued me. Right here in the oceans of my tears, Your LOVE and Mercies found me.

You wisphered my name and said the word my fainted heart so long to hear;

´´Weng you are my beloved. I love You and I died for you,´´

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