When Reaching The Shore is a Struggle..

When reaching the shore is a struggle..

What’s your shore? The things that you strongly desire to happen in your life?

Goals, dreams, desires, ambitions.. healing, relationship restoration, financial breakthrough.. personal issues or whatever in your life you want to fix or change.

We all wanted to reach that shore in our lives. We do whatever it takes to finally step out from downlow until we realize that our struggle in the waters take our journey even longer and bitter.

What we should realize is not how distant we are from the shore


how close we are to the One who will take us thereto;

how willing we are to take Jesus into our boat and;

how much TRUST we have in Him to bring us to the place we have ever desired–our shores.

It is neither the boat, nor ourselves, not even the waters that will bring us closer to our shores–dreams, goals and desires. It is by our willingness to put Jesus into our lives.

So when reaching the shore, choose not to struggle in the water, rather, trust the One who walks on the water. The One who calms even the raging sea. J E S U S !

God bless! ☺️

[ John 6:16-22 ]

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