Not Less, Not Perfect BUT is BEST Designed Only For You.

Single ladies, precious women of God and those who wish to be married, this one is for you! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

“Dating should be about selecting and not being selected. Desperate to have a man, you become a beggar and not a chooser” – John Hagee



Believe me gurl, been there! I know from the experience it causes nothing but so much pains and disappoinments in life. So give yourself a favor and spare your heart from being broken again and again.

Know who you are in Christ. God loves you and He died for you. If you truly believe that, then why not believe and trust He can also bring you the person [not less, not perfect BUT is best] designed ONLY for you.

The one that He already preparing and molding for your best since his birth. All you need to do is to wait patiently and trust His timing. Maybe that one particular person is just out there, ready and waiting for the revelation of God for him to approach you.

Or maybe, God does need to do some molding, healing and preparations in your heart first, for his best. Surely that person will be a blessing to you, so, should you too be a blessing to him.

And if you are worried and afraid that you will miss that moment, you have no reason to be, because as long as you are TRUSTING, WAITING and being BUSY in doing the things that pleases the LORD, you will never miss a single blessings from Him. God will make sure that you will have it, enjoy it and make prosper of it!

So Gurl stop fantasizing, day dreaming or looking after, searching, exerting so much effort and energy just to be noticed by someone. STOP IT! It’s a waste of time!

Never covet someones relationship or love story, as you trust God, know thay He is preparing and writing a love story, a unique and special intended for you alone.

So be very busy in the work of the Lord, serve Him with gladness, be faithful to the calling you have recieved from Him. Focus your eyes ONLY to Jesus, use and exert your energy and effort to draw near/close to Him. Devote yourself in His WORD and find JOY and SATISFACTION in Him alone.

And you will see, like Ruth your Boaz soon will notice you! 😍

Note: [ alam kong madaming fish sa ocean, and many of them may notice you, but remember not all fish are like Boaz! Dun ka sa hinahanda ni Lord sayo.. dun ka sa malapit sa puso Nya, dun ka sa nagtitiwala at yung value and worth nya ay base only to JESUS.] So please for your own good, have the courage to WAIT.

So ladies, be a women of faith!

Your price is far beyond rubies!

You are loved by God Almighty!

You are worthy and special!

You are precious in the sight of God!

Begin to talk like it, to act like it, and live by it!

BE A PROVERBS 31 WOMEN of today! Woman who fears and trust the Lord, who has selfesteem and value according to God’s Word. Who always sees herself the way God sees her.

☝🏻Insecurities, self doubt and comparison has no room for us women of faith!!

God bless Sisters! 😘

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