All Time Favorite Friendship Goal Ever!

“If the Lord calls us to a task, He will help us accomplish it, regardless of what people think or say. “

She preaches, I lead the worship. This one, is our all time favorite #friendshipgoal ever. Serving the Lord together!

Jen, my bff and a sister in Christ shares very minimal interest, My polar opposite, you may say. If we were just food “I am the spaghetti and she is the pancit. At least both are food and edible! Haha.

She is the person who spends a lot of time doing outdoor activities and I am the person, on the other love love loooove to hibernate and sleep!

She loves bikes, I hate body cramps and aches, not to mention the heat from the sun, dirt from the ground and ooh the snails! (nightmare). She loves mountain hikes, I love mountains too, but not the hiking things…I prefer staring them from a far! Mountain-view from my room’s windows. Why not!? Haha! But there are things that I love about outdoor of course– swimming, beaches, people, among other things. Lately however, I have been dreaming about having a pool inside my bedroom. Cool! Hahaha.

Oh! Did I already mention that, Jen doesn’t know how to swim!?😁

Even though we like different things, that doesn’t mean we can’t do things together. We do a lot of her things and of my things together. Yes, it is possible! Can I prove that? Continue to read and at the end of this, I will be sharing pictures of us doing things together…

Confession time: we don’t always like each other. Sometimes, we hurt, disagree and irritate each other, and guys believe it or not, we have learned, the passion of annoying each other in the most zealous way. Haha! But this is for sure: that we love and always chose to love and forgive. SomeOne taught us that. Credit goes to Him. ☝️

And though we do not have a lot of things in common, we have this one thing;

One thing that is strong enough to hold us together, that is we both share the love of God.

We both love Jesus! We love sharing about Jesus and sharing Jesus to others. How Jesus molds and changes us. How the Lord uses us despite of our flaws and nothingness. After all it isn’t about us, but our journeys with Him, the One who teaches us, whose presence is always with us..through our failures, heartaches, hurts, successes, victories, joy and happiness…

Our hearts beat to serve Him and this one, is our top and favorite goal out of our many friendship goals. Nothing excites us more than anything else but this: The goal to glorify God and reflects His glory in everything that we do.

We enjoy things together not because we like and love the same things, but, it is because we have the same goal and that is #Jesus.”

1 Corithians 10:31

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

I hope and pray that whatever the goals you may have in your life, whether with someone or not, you include Jesus. For He makes the difference.

God bless!

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