Acts 12:23 “Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God an angel of the Lord struck him down and he was eaten by worms and died”

The thing that really consume us as a Christians is not the problems or difficulties in life, not even the hardest thing that this world can give BUT the lack of PRAISE, the praise that is due to the One and Only Worthy God!

When we neglect to give Him praise, thanking Him for who He is, and forget to acknowledge his presence in our lives that’s the time that we are being consumed, we get weak and tired and we lost grasp for hope.

If you feel that ur life is at worst or the situation that ur in is more than bearable STAY connected to God and go back to his Word and Promises!

Praise Him and be reminded that the One that you worship is more than enough to save you and give you all the victories that you need. As you begin to praise you’ll know that NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR THE LORD! God bless folks! 😘

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